The Nenju News is the voice for Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in Canada keeping you up-to-date on the JSBTC and its temples throughout the country. Read the latest issue as well as past newsletters in our archive.

*New Year's greeting from Monshu Kojun Ohtani
*The story behind the four scrolls on the shrine
*Information on online Dharma School programs for children

JULY 2021
*Rev. Yasuhiro Miyakawa retires from the temples of the BC interior after 36 years of service in Canada
*The story of the Raymond Temple Shrine and its significance to early Japanese immigrants
*Updates on Obon services across Canada and online programs

MARCH 2021
*New Year's Greetings from 25th Head Priest, Monshu Kojun Ohtani and the Bishop of Canada, Socho Tatsuya Aoki
*History significance of a rare shrine at the Steveston Buddhist Temple
*Updates on online services and programs

*History of the Toronto Buddhist Church and Hamilton Buddhist Temple
*A message from Reverend Yoshimichi Ouchi of the Toronto Buddhist Church on the loss of a loved one

MAY 2020
*Dharma message from Sensei Robert Gubenco of the Calgary Buddhist Temple
*History of the Manitoba and Calgary Buddhist Temples
*A call for historical information following the recent discovery of graves at Kincolith (Ginglox), BC

*Special messages from Socho Tatsuya Aoki and Sensei Grant Ikuta of the Steveston Buddhist Temple
*Listing of online services available in Canada and the United States
*Home quarantine check list

MARCH 2020
* Profiles of the Steveston and Fraser Valley Temples
* Congratulatory articles for Manitoba Sensei, Fredrich Ulrich and Toronto Sensei, Joanne Yuasa who have both been given unique honours.

*Dharma message from Sensei Yasuhiro Miyakawa, minister of the Temples of BC Interior
*History of the Kamloops, Kelowna and Vernon Buddhist Temples
*Reflections from recent recipients, Tanis Moore of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple and Jeff Haines of the Buddhist Temples of Southern Alberta on their achievement of receiving Tokudo at the Nishi Hongwanji in Kyoto, Japan
*Report on the 2019 JSBTC Youth tour to Japan

JULY 2019
* History of the Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta
* Profile of Sensei Roy Akune as our "Living Treasure of Canadian Jodo Shinshu Buddhism”

* First edition of the JSBTC newsletter includes information about the role and function of the JSBTC
* Stories from Tanis Moore (Manitoba Buddhist Temple) and Dr. Roland Ikuta (BTSA) who participated in a workshop on Tokudo preparation
* Profile on Teruko Ikuta, our first “Living Treasure of Canadian Jodo Shinshu Buddhism”