Temple Dedication

On April 26, 2009, a Dedication Service was held to open the new Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta. The celebration included a Chigo parade, a Japanese tradition when a temple or shrine is constructed. Children who participate are said to be "happy for life." The dedication of the new temple in Lethbridge, Alberta also marked the 80th anniversary of Buddhism in southern Alberta, drawing visitors from across Canada and Japan, including 10 ministers from Jodo Shinshu temples.

"I cannot help feeling the extensive change that has occurred in your community. I hope you will continue to invite your friends and gather as many people as possible to listen to the Dharma in the newly dedicated hall, and work toward the realization of a society in which everyone is able to live a life of spiritual fulfillment." -- Ohtani Koshin, Monshu, Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha

"A building can stand only as tall as its foundation allows. A temple can only grow as much as its members allow. A foundation is only as solid as the earth it sits on. A member is only as enriched as the Nembutsu path (s)he walks." -- Rev. Shigenori Makino

We can all be grateful for the magnificent new temple constructed by the members of the Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta. After years of careful planning, which included the amalgamation of five smaller churches, the Temple is a new beginning that will ensure the growth of Buddhism in the Southern Alberta area. Looking forward, let this be the first step for Jodo Shinshu in Canada as we journey into the 21st century.